Quality control

One of our priorities there is the accuracy and efficiency of production. Therefore, we control our department equipped with the latest measurement technology, we strive to complement the requirements of the customer and the type of production.
It is the quality control an integral part of the fight againts chaos, waste material and prevent unruly produced by the staff. Our company has passed the certification process, which ensured the company Certop for more guarantees customers.We were given a certificate in the field of metalworking at the end of 2012 and introduced a quality management system complying with the requirements contained in ISO 9001:2008.


  • The control of 3D measurement on WENZEL Smart CMM

  • Merací rozsah:
                               axis X:
                               axis Y:  450mm
                               axis Z:  400mm

    Maximum measurement uncertainty: MPEe = 3,5um +n (L/300,0um)
    The system is able to control  Cpk (process Capability index)

  • Apparatus for measuring contour CONTRACER CV-3200 (Mitutoyo)

  • It is highly accurate system for measuring the contour of the contact type.
  • Rating

    X-axis stroke:    
    Z2-axis stroke:   500mm
    Unit system (calibration set): mm/inch
    Dimension:          600x450mm

      This system is the most suited to control supplied in progress and finished parts, such as:

    1. Molds for stamping, die casting, injection molding and precision.
    2. Moldings (before and after machining).
    3. Prototypes of NC machine tools.
    4. Finished parts.

  • The apparatus for measuring surface roughness  DRSNOMER SJ-210

  • Detector:

    The measuring range:     360um (-200um až +160um)
                                                              14 400uin (-8 000uin až +6 400uin)
                     Contact material:           diamond
                     The radius of contact:   5um (200uin)/[2um (80uin)]
                     The measuring force:   4mN (0,4gf)/[0.75mN (0,075gf)]
                     Foot radius:                    40mm (1575in)

    The sliding unit:

                      The range:                    
                           21mm (0,827in)/[5.6mm (0,221in)]
                      The travel speed for measuring:   pre meranie 0,25mm/s, 0,5mm/s, 0,75/s  (0,01in/s, 0,02in/s, 0,03in/s)
                                                      for feed:               1mm/s, (0,04in/s)

    The supported standards:

    JIS B 0601-2001
                                          JIS B 0601-1994
    JIS B 0601-1982
                                           ISO 1997
                                          None  (no standard)